Tracy TresidderTracy Tresidder

Tracy is an inspiring and experienced sought after Executive Coach and Facilitator, and has been at the forefront of her field since 2001. Her Coaching has been an enabler for people to make powerful decisions and innovative choices in relation to career promotion, leadership challenges or landing the job of their dreams. Somewhat unique in her field, Tracy is multi-faceted. Her expertise is a combination of many years of practice and specific study across several disciplines enabling her to devise tailored programs. Tracy knows and facilitates effortless and sustainable change. She has coached people at all levels of management, from the full ‘C Suite’ down to non-administrative personnel in both large and small organizations in both public and private sectors.  She has over 4000 hours of coaching experience and brings an ‘eclectic mix’ of coaching methodologies to her coaching that allows her to adapt and flex with her client’s needs.

ICF 2009 Coach of the Year

Her particular area of interest is assisting individuals to discover their brilliance and reach their full potential; whether it is through leadership development, communication effectiveness, parenting effectiveness, building self-esteem, stress management, career resilience, work/life balance or golf psychology


Tracy is a coach, author, lecturer, facilitator, speaker, mentor and the International Coach Federation Australasia (ICFA) 2009 Coach of the Year (NSW). She has a Masters Degree in Education, a Professional Development Certificate in Coaching Practice from Sydney University, completed coach training with Sir John Whitmore and Thomas Leonard, two of the founders of coaching,  is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), an accredited ICF Coach Assessor, Past President of the ICF Australasia and a member of the University of Sydney’s Coaching and Mentoring Association. She is  certified with: Leadership Circle Profile; Hogan Assessments, R2 Strengths, MEWS, ACT trainer; Choice Theory Practitioner; Enneagram Teacher accredited; IEQ profiling.


Her values represent her guiding principles: her broadest motivations, influencing the interactions not only with her client’s but everyone that she come in contact with.

  • Excellence – She is relentless in adding value to the client and striving for excellence. She is prepared to challenge both herself and her client for the best outcomes
  • Respect  –  She is respectful towards clients and herself; She is always polite, considerate and shows 
positive regard
  • Authentic – She is sincere, honest in all her dealings, honouring both herself  and that of her clients. She provides observations and feedback without judgement.
  • Constant Learning – She strives to be competent and current thus bringing the latest information and techniques to her clients and sharing resources and information openly
  • Integrity – She is impeccable with her word, she stands firm with her beliefs and honours her commitments and she will encourage the same with her clients
  • Empathy –  She is able to see, hear and understand what others are feeling and respond with nonjudgmental support
  • Fun –  Fun and laughter is a key component of working with Tracy.  If you are having fun, you are relaxed and fully engaged in the learning process.


Tracy believes that each individual has the potential to shine and her job as their coach is to help them discover their brilliance and achieve fulfillment and balance, both personally and in the workplace. When coaching, she is passionate & committed to the individual and teams success-“your success is my success”. She believes that to support leaders in their engagement & performance management of employees, she must assist them in recognising how their values, beliefs, intention and priorities influence their emotions, decisions & behaviour.