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Testimonial – Mentor Coaching – Melissa Katz

Melissa Katz

Tracy is a highly experienced and caring mentor always willing to go the extra mile. She is open and generous with information, tips and feedback and her wealth of knowledge and experience added an enormous amount of value to my personal and professional development. Tracy’s honest and straightforward approach helped me to grow as a […]


Women, Career Desire and how to avoid unnecessary sacrifice

ball n chain woman

Women, Career Desire and how to avoid “Unnecessary Sacrifice” along the way Diversity and Inclusivity were certainly words high on the agenda in 2017 and over the course of the year I was involved in many conversations that looked at barriers for young professional women says Kate Boorer from My observations from these conversations […]


Why Coaching Works

Data taken from  the 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client study shows professional coaching results in: increased productivity positive people huge return on investment Take a look at the info graphic and see the results.   Why Coaching Works infographic by swrightcreative.


Enneagram Global Summit

Enneagram Global Summit For the first time there will be a free Enneagram Global Summit – a special online event offered by The Shift Network, June 3 – 5 — featuring 20 of the top Enneagram experts from the different wisdom schools, coming together online for the very first time. I’m excited to be part of the panel […]


What Type of Leader are you?

TEIB logo vertical

Leadership Enneagram Train the Trainer Program by international Enneagram expert Ginger Lapid-Bogda Ph.D What Type of Leader are You? Create exemplary leaders using the Enneagram to develop today’s 7 most important leadership competencies Melbourne March 31st – April 5th 2014 See more information inside or register here  


How to improve your problem solving ability while under stress

Science Daily

How to improve your problem solving ability while under stress One’s ability to solve problems under stress and think creatively is greatly reduced, and the research is now showing us why this is happening and how we can improve both our problem solving and creative thinking ability. The Science Daily in this weeks news says: New research […]


Coaches – how you can get connected

ICF Australasia 2013 Conference

The ICF Australasia 2013 Coaching Conference: 20-22 March 2013 The ICF is recognised globally as the industry body for coaching, and an association with the ICF strengthens your credibility and brand. So we are inviting all coaches, HR Managers, OD Specialists, Learning & Development Professionals to join us in being inspired and connecting in the […]


Bringing out the best in yourself at work

A proven system for improving your own work and for working better in a team  Used by such organizations as the Walt Disney Company, Silicon Graphics, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the CIA, the Enneagram is a proven psychological system based on nine number types that helps people achieve self-awareness and develop strategic approaches to […]


How to get senior leaders to change

I was reading the Harvard Business Review Blog Network and found this great article about how to get senior leaders to change. Scott Keller’s blog describes how many senior executives don’t see themselves as part of the problem, which makes change very difficult.  He says: Most senior executives understand and generally buy into the famous […]