Enneagram Audio & E-Course

Using the Enneagram as a Coaching Tool for Understanding Yourself and Others

A four session audio & e-course conducted
by Tracy Tresidder MEd PCC

To create awareness and real and sustainable change is one of the most important practices of a coach. We can guide our clients to developing and expanding their presence by introducing them to the Enneagram, and assisting them to discover the habitual patterns of behavior that may have been occupying their lives.

The Enneagram teaches us in practical ways to see the world as others see it. You can then appreciate what others value and what they do not, and why they think, feel and act the way they do. When you know the Enneagram style of the people you coach, and/or the people in your life, you can respond to their intent, instead of getting caught in their sometimes difficult or confounding behavior. You can nurture their fundamental strengths, and know in what situations they are likely to be rigid or unskillful. You can serve up your words and wisdom in a way that it can be heard, and you can inspire them from the inside out.

This e-course, designed for beginner to experienced coaches, will emphasize recognising the ways that each of the nine types play out in our own personalities and thus those of our clients.

Audio & e-course over 4 weeks

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Within 2 hours of payment being received course information will be emailed.

Time: At your convenience
Dates: ready to start when you are

Outline of the 4 x 90 minute audio sessions
Session One: Brief History & Overview, The Triads
Session Two: The Instinctive Triad: Types 8,9 & 1
Session Three: The Feeling Triad: Types 2,3 & 4
Session Four: The Thinking Triad: Types 5,6 & 7

Each Session we will cover:

  • Core motivators of each type
  • Distinguishing characteristics of each type
  • Core coping strategies of each type
  • Coaching considerations for each type
  • Questions the coach can ask, for each type
  • Practices for achieving personal growth for each type

Within 2 hours of sign up an email will be sent with suggested pre-reading. This will the be followed by an email containing the workbook and a link to download the recording of the teleclass.

Here’s some other comments from course participants:

  • Very engaging, passionate, genuine
  • Gained some insight on how I could give the best experience to my clients
  • Interesting topic, challenged by example re ethics & button pushing, useful insights and tools
  • Lively, energetic, well presented
  • Confirmation of personal challenges
  • Very informative, direct, to the point
  • Stays on track and on time
  • Very topical
  • Very useful personally and professionally
  • Created more self awareness and an additional tool

Any questions please email me at: tracy@tracytresidder.com