Golf Mind Coaching

Discover your golf brain and get your handicap down with mental golf training

Golf Mind Coaching will have you playing your best golf

Do you…

Feel nervous with a group of people on the first tee watching you? Change your ball if you have to tee off over the water? Worry about the bunker if you have to chip over it? Get annoyed if your ball is lying in a divot? Berate yourself if you miss the putt?

Do you want to:

  • Relax and learn to get your golf mind “in the zone”?
  • Lower your handicap harnessing your golf brain?
  • Learn how to take charge of the gremlin in your head so it no longer sabotages your game?
  • Discover how to stay calm and get your golf mind in the right place?
  • Eliminate bad habits and mental golf mistakes?

Discover your hidden potential and get your handicap down with some mind play one on one coaching or have a presentation at your golf club.

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