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Looking for a qualified Mentor Coach?

I am an experienced mentor coach that will support, guide and help you hone your coaching skills as you pursue your journey toward ICF certification. Having taught coaching skills, based on the ICF core competencies, for the past 11 years and being a qualified ICF credentialing assessor I bring an enormous amount of knowledge, skill and value to my mentees.

Here is what some of my mentees have said:

Tracy has been a phenomenal catalyst in helping me to understand myself better, including the ways in which I block my own progress and the strengths and resources I possess to help me move past those blocks toward my own goals and outcomes. She pushed me to be really honest and clear with myself, which is just what I wanted. She was incredibly generous with her knowledge and resources and was a lovely model of the kind of coach I aspire to be. I’d recommend her – and use her again – in a heartbeat. Kristen Carter, Denver Co. 2015

Tracy has a gift for mentor coaching that I am honored to have experienced. Her teaching background makes her not only incredibly attentive, but also a treasure chest of tips, insights, and recommendations. Thanks to her gentle, but challenging approach, I grow more professional as a coach during every encounter with Tracy. If you’re looking for a mentor who’ll put you on the fast track to becoming a masterful coach, you couldn’t choose a better mentor than Tracy Tresidder. Thanks a bunch. – Venus Taylor, New York

Tracy has been an incredible mentor coach. She is sharp, honest, supportive and very generous with her knowledge and resources. Her deep listening and questioning allowed me to look honestly at myself and recognize the mistakes that I was making. Her support and guidance helped me to come up with solutions to some challenging client situations. I learned a great deal by working with Tracy, who was always willing to share countless tips, ideas, questions, perspective, and material with me. Working with Tracy has given me more confidence as a coach and a clearer awareness of my approach to coaching. I recommend her to anyone who wants to grow or make significant changes in their lives, both personally and professionally. – Janette Sassoon Jerusalem

Tracy has an immense amount of coaching experience which she happily shared with me in our mentor relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed and was challenged by the mentor program. I am confident that I am a better coach as a result of having had Tracy as my mentor. Kimberly Luffman, Sydney Australia

Tracy, I want to say THANKYOU. Thankyou for persisting, for challenging, for stretching me. I have you embedded in my head and have seen my coaching from a very different level. I have much more to learn, and am on the way. MB, Melbourne Australia.

I have had the good fortune to have Tracy as my mentor. I was feeling lost and overwhelmed; I knew what I wanted but didn’t quite know how to go about it. From our very first session, Tracy put me at ease by helping me from the onset see where I’m at and the outcome I want. Each week I learnt a new skill and a better understanding of myself. The transformation from where I was at to reaching my outcomes happened with easy and fun, Even though Tracy was very professional, she is compassionate, empathetic and very wise. While there were plenty of tears we often managed to have a laugh. Therese Rhame, Sydney.

I would like to thank Tracy for mentoring a group of us at ACAP. Firstly I would have to commend her capacity to manage a group of our size and to manage that ever so calmly. I like the way she took us through the competencies and explained them in detail, drawing on examples to illustrate them further. Finally, in our one on one session where she provided me with feedback on my recording of a coaching session, she was both supportive and challenging. That is, she provided me with feedback that highlighted my strengths as well as feedback that helped me see where growth is possible. Thank you Tracy. Despina Safinkos ACAP June 2015

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